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Kim and the alaskan huskies Elmer and Hebbe at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland

About sled dogs and

dog sledding

About sled dogs and dog sledding.

In order for you and the dogs to get the best experience of your stay with us, I would like to give you some information. 

Dog driving is about trust and respect between animals and humans. Therefore, keep calm around the dogs. Confidence and respect are something one deserves. It takes time to build up but can be destroyed in a moment. 

I work and have contact with the dogs 365 days a year. The dogs are my family members, colleagues, best friends, hobbies and income. The dogs know me, and I know them and their personalities. Some dogs are open to strangers while some are more reserved to people they do not know, just as it is with us humans. But when they know you and trust you, they're doing anything for you. But it takes time for a dog to gain full confidence in a stranger, and is often not possible to build in just a couple of days. 

The dogs can read and feel your sense and your mood very well. You may lie to a human being, but the dogs will see through.
How dogs behave in different situations are often reflected by how the driver behaves. If you are calm and safe, the dogs are calm and safe. 

Sometimes dogs like I know are great, do not want to run or feel safe with some strangers. This may be because a former guest, for example, has lost his dog team and the empty sled has hit the dogs. Often it takes a long time for the dog to build trust again to the driver. And unfortunately, a dropped sled can destroy a dog for the rest of their life. 

When the dogs run in front of the sled, they must know that the driver does not require more of the dogs than they can handle and are prepared for. The dogs must be able to feel safe in the team and know that the driver helps in uphill and brake in downhill runs. And when it is time to rest, they must trust that the driver after the tour will take care of them in the best way so that they can rest and recover as well as possible. 

Dog sledding is a team work between dogs and drivers based on trust and respect.

Dogsledding ABC
Take it calm and easy around the dogs.
  • Always hold on to the sled, even if you roll over.
  • The dogs love to run and will not wait for you.
  • At start, hold on to the handlebar and stand on the brake.
  • Use the brake to adjust the speed.
  • Keep the dogs gangline tight, avoid slack in the gangline. Regulate with the brake.
  • Do not shout on the dogs. Be positive and help them by running or kicking.
  • Do not overtake the dogsled in front of you.
  • Have a gap between your front dogs and the sled in front of you on at least 5 meters.
  • Never leave your sled before it is well anchored.
  • If you use the snow hook. Don't trust it. It is just sitting in the snow so never go behind the sled.
  • If we meet animals (reindeer, moose) in the trail; we stop so the animals can escape without stress. Keep in mind that winter is long and a tough time for all animals.
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