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Booking info

Booking of the regular tours is easiest to do on the specific tour on this website. Either throw our online booking system our by the specific booking form for the specific tour.
On short terms booking, 1-5 days, you can try to call me. 

All other requests and bookings that is outside our regular tour program is easiest to do throw the booking form for “custom Tour”. 

All booking request must be sent to us writing via Laplandhusky’s booking form or by e-mail. 
The booking request must in minimum include:
  • Name.
  • E-mail.
  • Phone number, where we can reach you!
  • How many adults.
  • How many children. (person under 18 years old)
  • Age of the children.
  • What tour/activity you would like.
  • Date.
  • Special food requirement
  • Allergies or other medical treatment that is good for Laplandhusky to know for the tour.

Deposit and Final payment (private individuals): 

Shorter tours up to a day tour: Laplandhusky will send you an invoice by e-mail or post. To be paid before arrival.
On short terms booking 1-5 days, you can pay with cash or credit card upon arrival. (MasterCard or visa) we don’t accept American express. 
For longer tours: To secure your reservation, we require 25% deposit at the time you make your reservation. The remaining 75% must be received within 30 days before your arrival date. Reservation made less than 30 days to arrival need to be paid immediately in one payment. On reservation made less than 30 days, it is first a reservation then full payment is done. 

Payment (business/organisations):
Payment can be made by invoice, net 14 days. In case of invoice reminder, a fee of 60 SEK will be added. 12% interest will be charged on overdue payment. 

Cancellation policy 

Cancellations of shorter tours, up to a day: Less when 30 days before will be charged 25% of the amount. Less when 7 days before will be charged 75% of the amount. Less when 24 hours before will be charged 100% of the amount. 

Cancellations of longer tours: If your cancellations are made more when 30 days before your arrival date will the first payment and reservations fee of 25% not be paid back. Less when 30 days before your arrival date will be charged with 100% of the full tour price.
All cancellations require a written document. 
You can read more about cancellation in "Terms and conditions".
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