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Terms & conditions


All prices are in SEK (Swedish kronor) and include VAT and taxes. The transfer to Laplandhusky is not included in the price if it not is specific written in the activity description. 

Laplandhusky reserve the right to change the prices and adjust for exchange rate fluctuations, as well as to change the programme in the event of new laws impacting the carrying out of activity. If you have a reservation and the price is changing or we need to make major changing of the tour or activity will we inform you by e-mail. In that case will you have the full right to cancel the tour or activity and you will get back total amount you paid us, included the deposit. 

Child policy: 

For safety reasons persons under 14 years old are not allowed to drive their own dogsled team. For safety reasons person under 7 years old should not follow on the regular tours. If person under 7 years old should follow on a tour, it should to be on a custom tour where the tour is adjusted for the child/children. 

Alcohol and drug policy: 

If the guest is affected by alcohol or other drugs, the organizer will refuse the guest to participate. It will not be refunded. 

The booking confirmation is a contract: 

The booking confirmation is a business agreement between Laplandhusky and the person who make the booking. This means that you as a booker guarantees that all information you provide to us is correct and that you not leave information that may be important for us to know to carry out the activity. 


All booking request must be sent to us writing via Lapland husky’s booking form or by e-mail.
The booking request must in minimum include:
• Name.
• E-mail.
• Phone number.
• How many adults.
• How many children. (person under 18 years old)
• Age of the children.
• What tour/activity you would like.
• Date.
• Special food requirement
• Allergies or other medical treatment that is good for Laplandhusky to know for the tour.



Your details given during the reservation will be used only for the purpose of handling the reservation. 

Booking confirmation: 

Laplandhusky will confirm the booking via e-mail. Customers are required to verify that the confirmation is correct and reply whit any requested changes within one week (7 days) after you received the confirmation. If the customer has not replied within 1 week, the booking is considered confirmed. 

Deposit and Final payment (private individuals): 

Shorter tours up to a day tour: Laplandhusky will send you an invoice by e-mail or post. To be paid before arrival. On short terms booking 1-5 days, you can pay with cash or credit card upon arrival. (MasterCard or visa) we don’t accept American express. 

For longer tours:

To secure your reservation, we require 25% deposit at the time you make your reservation. The remaining 75% must be received within 30 days before your arrival date. Reservation made less than 30 days to arrival need to be paid immediately in one payment. On reservation made less than 30 days, it is first a reservation then full payment is done. 

Payment (business/organisations): 

Payment can be made by invoice, net 14 days. In case of invoice reminder, a fee of 60 SEK will be added. 12% interest will be charged on overdue payment. 

Cancellation policy: 

Because we are a small tour company and work with small groups cancellations really hurt us. 

Cancellations of shorter tours, up to a day:

Less when 30 days before will be charged 25% of the amount. Less when 7 days before will be charged 75% of the amount. Less when 24 hours before will be charged 100% of the amount. 

Cancellations of longer tours:

If your cancellations are made more when 30 days before your arrival date will the first payment and reservations fee of 25% not be paid back. Less when 30 days before your arrival date will be charged with 100% of the full tour price.
All cancellations require a written document. 

If we Laplandhusky need to cancel a tour or activity for any reason, you will get back the total amount you paid us, including the deposit. 

Note: If the guest is affected by alcohol or other drugs, Laplandhusky will refuse the guest to participate. It will not be refunded. 

Cancellation duo to illness or unforeseen events: 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible to cancel your visit to Laplandhusky with a refund up to 75% of the total amount. With unforeseen circumstances, we refer to: 

• Illness or severe accident that affected you.
• Bereavement or a severe accident regarding your husband/wife, common-law spouse, your parents, children or siblings.
• Unforeseen and serious event outside your control, such as an extensive fire or flood in your residence which means that it is not reasonable to demand that you fulfil your contract. 

You must be able to verify the reason that prevent you from carrying out your journey with a certificate from a doctor, authority or insurance company. A certificate must contain a diagnosis, the date of your first visit and the reason of why you prevented from traveling. The certificate must be issued before the arrival date. 

For you to get your refund, the cause of cancellation must be unforeseen, unexpected and of a nature that prevent you from carrying out on your journey. This means that if you for instance do not have the necessary travel documents for the journey, it will not be regarded as a legitimate reason for cancelling. 

Delayed arrival: 

In the tour or activity of a delayed arrival, Laplandhusky will charge for additional cost in accordance with detailed calculation of the cost incurred by the delay. If the delay affects bookings by other guests, Laplandhusky has the right to cancel the booking without refund. 


Meals, equipment and transportations as specified in tour or activity programme. 

Not included: 

Personal equipment required for the tour or activity. Transportations to and from Laplandhusky what not are specified in the tour or activity programme. Alcoholic beverages.

Force majeure:

Force majeure means unusual, unpredictable and unavoidable events that are outside of the organizers control, and that prevents the contract to be fulfilled. Circumstances that the organizer could not, within reasonable means, have foreseen and therefore could not have avoided or overcome. Including, but not restricted to, war, threat of war, riot, civilian insubordination or strike, authority measure, act of terrorism, nature- or industrial catastrophe, fire, severe weather conditions, flood, closed air ports, technical issues, maintenance issues or unforeseen changes made by airlines, such as time table changes, interruption in IT-infrastructure (including but not restricted to our web site). During these conditions the organizer is free from liability or other consequences. 

Changing of the tour plan during the tour: 

Laplandhusky reserve the right to change the tour plan during the tour to keep a high safety during the tour. It can be because weather and temperature condition, ice or snow condition, to not disturb reindeers in the area. Or to adjust the tour to fit the level of the customer if Laplandhusky understand the condition can be to difficult for the group so it can risk the safety. 

Liability and risk: 

You need to be aware that the Northern area of Scandinavia is a wilderness area and that there may exist risks and hazards in this environment and during the activities that you do. You should take note of your own limitations and physical fitness before booking or undertaking any activities.
Laplandhusky has safety plans and for everyone’s safety you are required to pay attention to and follow the instructions provided by the guide. 
In all activities that we offer, you participate at your own risk. Laplandhusky does not take responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or any other event beyond our control. You are also fully responsible for the equipment that you use during the activity.
Therefore we recommend you to have a liability insurance, comprehensive travel insurance, as well as an insurance for personal belongings and health. 


Travel insurance: 

We recommend you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy, so you are covered in the event of loss of deposit or holiday payment through cancellation, as well as an insurance for personal belongings and health.
Participants are required to pay attention to and follow the instructions provided by the guide, for their safety. 

Laplandhusky 2022-05-22


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961 90 Harads 


If you want a printable version of Laplandhusky's Terms and Condition you will get a PDF file through this link.
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