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Guest keep hanging on to the sled on a self drive husky tour at Laplandhusky.

Difficulty level

About to drive a husky team.
Can I manage to drive myself?

Don't  let go, keep holding on to the sled, hang on to the sled. Dear child has many names. 

It all means the same. Whatever happen don't lose your team. 

All the self-drive husky tours are an active experience. We travel in the nature and the snow and weather condition can change a lot, even during a day tour.

It can be windy and the snow is drifting and hiding the old trail so we need to run in soft snow to help the dogs or it can be extremely little of snow with only glare ice where the sled can be hard to control, at least if you have to many high motivated dogs what loves to run in the team who don’t really care if you are on the sled or not.

The trail is going in uphills and downhills where you need to have balance to drive the sled and use the brake.

People who do motorbiking, kayaking, horse-riding, dancing, skiing or similar can often handle the sled and the dogteam very well. 

The Alaskan husky's Laplandhusky have are highly motivated to run in front of the sled.

I can have the dog's free running and they stay close around me. But if I hook the same dogs up in front of the sled so are they just running. I am welcome to join them on the sledtour, but they will not wait for me. 

The dogs love me, but they love to run more. 

So, because of what is it important to hang on to the sled or as I use to say, “if you ever lost the sled, make sure you have a part of the sled in the hand”.

Because of the activity level and the weather conditions we don´t recommend dogsledding tours for: 
  • Children under 7 years old.
  • Pregnant women past five months. 
  • People who suffer of back problems. 
  • People with physical disabilities. 
  • People who have pelvic problems. 
Children must be 14 years old to self drive a sled. 
Difficulty level: Easy
Choose a tour sitting on the guide sled if you: 
  • Have difficult to understand English or Swedish. 
  • Have a bad balance. 
  • Have difficult to walk in the snow. 
Difficulty level: medium
Choose a self driving tour on medium level if you: 
  • Enjoying active activities.
  • Must have it warm and nice in the evening on the multiday tours. 
Difficulty level: Hard
Choose a self driving tour on hard level if you: 
  • Enjoying active activities.
  • Enjoying winter camping.
  • Like to explore and push your limits.
  • Like to learn and be outside of your comfort zone.  
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