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Our nature

Northen light at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland

Laplandhusky's homestead

Laplandhusky’s homestead is located in a small village named Krokfors, in north Sweden, the name came from the small river what going throw the village what make a turn and are a bit rapid right here. As it is on many places a bit away from the bigger cities the most houses are empty and just used as holiday home. We are the only ones who live here year around.

Surrounding nature

It is a great place for us, here is a lot of snow winter time, and here is plenty of small forest roads for the dry land dog driving. The nature around us consists of taiga forest, marshy land and lakes. Just 100 kilometres west so are the mountain area starting.
Surrounding nature at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Moose on the way to Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland

Wild life

The wild animals are nearby, and we have moose, lynx and brown beer around us in the forest. Of cause even reindeers (who are farmed by the Sami), and smaller animals as foxes, hare, and a lot of different birds.
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