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Husky mountain cabin tour

6+2 days

A private guided husky tour in the Swedish mountain. 


18-25 March 2020

8-15 April 2020


26600 SEK per person.

Difficulty level



8 days (7 overnight) 

6 days on tour

Group size

Private max 2 person

Husky mountain cabin tour
A private guided sleddog tour in the north part of the mountains in Sweden, where we travel around Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.
The tour is included full board, the extra warm clothes and special equipment you will need for the tour, and transfers from and back to the start point from the train station/air port in Kiruna. 

The tour will follow both the marked trail system and outside the marked trails to get to beautiful areas in the mountain area.
All nights will we stay in the comfortable but simple cabins what belongs to the Swedish tourism organisation what are strategically placed in the area.
If the weather is clear so are we in the best areas in Sweden to see northern light.
Partly will we drive on the most known hiking trail in Sweden, the kings trail, what goes between Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south. 
Facts and booking

Price per person: 

Adult 26600 SEK per person. 


Private guided tour:

2 person. 


  • Professional Guide 

  • Transfer to/from start point of the tour, and Kiruna Airport/train station.

  • Safety-instructions for the tour and to drive your own sled.

  • Individually dog team, 5-6 dogs.

  • Warm jacket and trousers, winter boots, wool socks, hat, mittens.  

  • We will provide you with sleeping bag and the special outdoor equipment needed for the tour.  

  • All meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 8. 

  • All overnight stays from day 1 to day 8.

Not included: 

  • Personal travel insurance. 

  • Alcoholic beverages. 


  • First and last night in cabin or dubble room, either on the start point, or in Kiruna. Depend on availability and the time for your flight/train. During the sleddog tour, 5 nights in mountain cabins. In the mountain cabins will we sleep in bunk beds, mixt room, women's and gentlemen's together. The mountain cabins are heated with wood or gas and have dry toilet. No electricity or running water. 


Meals and drinks: 

  • All meals included from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 8. Typical Swedish food. 


  • Swedish 

  • English 

Clothing recommendations: 

The arctic climate can be very cold. You need to be well prepared to stay warm and have a good experience during the activity.

We recommend that you wear warm under layers of wool and down. Use warm wool socks on your feet and of course use warm hat and mittens. The out layer of clothing will you get from us. 

Before we start the tour will we make sure that you are well dressed.  

Physically level: 

The physically level on the tour depend very much on the weather and snow condition. The tour is going in the Swedish mountain area were it can be parts with long uphill with soft snow up the knee, where we need to help the dogs by running and pushing the sled as mush we can. But in the next valley can it be extremely little with snow, with only glare ice what make it hard to control and steer the sled. 

Remember as well, what the time on the sled is just a part of all the activity. It is as well work around the cabins with firewood and getting water, feeding and take care of the dogs. With sleddogs is it possible to travel longer when if you are skiing. But it is mush more work before and after the driving time.

Remember as well, you will be out in the cold climate many hours each day, which as well requires more energi.  

Distance and exact tour plan: 

The distance and the detailed tour plan depend on the weather, snow conditions and the physically level of the group. Another thing what can change our plan is the reindeers in the area. It is a long winter for all animals so we should cause as little stress as possible for the reindeers and the other wild animals during our tour. 


Person under 14 years old are not allowed to drive there own sled. 


Day 1 and 8 is arrival and departure day. We will meet you at the airport/train station day 1 in Kiruna. Day 8 will we drop you at the airport/train station in time for your departure. 

What you should bring: 

Check the "packlist" link to se what you need to bring with you on the tour.  



Bookingrequest is done online, by mail or by or booking form. This is a tour what requires more information then the regular tours. To reach me on the phone can be difficult, as I'm often out in areas where there is poor phone coverage.


Tour plan

Even if the tour plan probably will be a bit changed, so is here at least the main plan for the tour.

Day 1: 

The guide meet you at the airport/train station. 

Depend on what time you arrive and the availability of the cabin. The goal is to travel the first day to the start point of the tour in Nikkaluokta, a distance of 70  kilometer. We going throw the tour in the evening, and get the first contact with the sled when we pack and getting everything so ready as possible for the next day. Nikkaluokta area is a old settlement area for the sámi. It is a small village in the end of the road there it is living about 14 families year around. In clear weather is it possible to se Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden from here. This will be our start/end point and of our adventure. 

Day 2 (our adventure is starting): 

When we wake up in the morning are we feeding the dogs before we self eat breakfast. After breakfast, are we emptying and clean the cabin before we do the last preparations before we start our trip. Now is it time to learn how to pack the sled, harnessing and handle the dogs, and the basic things how to drive, steer and stop the sled. Then are we prepare the teams and start our journey. 
This day, our trip goes in the vistas valley. Some times there may be a lot of moose in this valley, so hopefully there is the possibility for us to see moose.
The distance of this day is about 34 km. 

Day 3:

We continue to follow the vistas valley and after a few kilometers we leave the last small trees behind us and it is more open and unprotected terrain where we are travel. It gets steeper and steeper the further north we get in the valley. Sometimes parts of the valley can be difficult because the strong wind blow away the snow and it becomes more icy on some parts. We start the steep climb at the end of the valley before we head down and through the Sámi village in Alesjaure and do the last bit to the Alesjaure mountain lodge.
In Alesjaure is the possibility for us to enjoy the sauna.
This is probably the shortest day of the week on the track, when the distance is only 17 km. 

Option: If it is clear weather and we feel fit so can we continue to Unna allakas. it will be another 20-30 km depending wish way. If we travel to Unna allakas will we spend the next night in Alesjaure.

Day 4:

Now we are on the Kings trail, Sweden's most famous hiking trail, which are going from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south, a total distance of 425 km through the Swedish mountain area.
As we travel in weather exposed terrain and in area where the weather can change very quickly from clear blue skies to a blistering snow storm in just a couple of hours, is it the weather that decide the route we make today.
Either can we continue after the King's trail south to the tjäktja pass which is the highest point at Kungsleden, the pass is 1150 meters above sea level. In clear weather you have a really nice view from this place.
Here is often a lot of soft snow and you have to help the dogs as much as you can.
Once we have passed the highest point is it about 8 km left to our next destination, which is Sälka cabin.
In fine weather, it is also a much appreciated alternative to leave the King's trail and travel to the west and follow the border to Norway south to Hukejaure.
In the event of a storm, we only take a shorter day trip so everyone gets a sense of how small you feel in this terrain when the weather show that side.
Depending on the track selection, the distance is 25 to 35 km today.

Day 5:

If we have spend the night in Hukejaure is our way going back to King's trail and the cabin in Sälka.
This cottage is very beautifully situated in the middle of the Swedish mountain range.
In Sälka is it possible to use the sauna.

Day 6:

Depending of the way we have been travel the last days, so can we spend this night on different places. Back to the vistas cabin or Singi or at Kebnekaise mountain station. The goal is to keep away from the cabins where it can be little more people but still make it easy the last day to get back to Nikkaluokta if we get ruff weather.

Day 7:

On this last day of the trip, will we either get down throw the vistas valley to  Nikkaluokta or around Kebnekaise and throw the ladtjovagge  to Nikkaluokta. 

Depend on availability, of the cabins. But the plan is to spend the night nearby Kiruna.

Maybe will it be possible to visit the Icehotel ether in the evening or on the last day before your flight or train is leaving. The entrance to the Icehotel is not included in the tour. But we can drive you between the Icehotel and the place where we are sleeping.

Day 8: Depend on when your flight/train are leaving. After breakfast transfer to airport/train station. 

Sleddog adventure self drive husky tour in Swedish mountain at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Swedish mountian landscape in Swedish Lapland
Sleddogs resting on a tour in the Swedish mountain on the kingstrail
Multyday sleddog adventure self drive husky tour in Swedish mountain at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Allesjaure cabin wintertime in the swedish mountain after the kingstrail in Swedish Lapland
filling water on a husky safari tour in the Swedish mountain in Swedish Lapland
Open landscape in the Swedish mountain during a multyday husky tour in Swedish Lapland
Sleddog team resting on the way up to Tjäktja in the Swedish mountain in Swedish Lapland
Landscape in the Swedish mountain during a husky tour in Swedish Lapland
Northen light, Aurora borealis in Swedish Lapland at Laplandhusky
Husky team in the Swedish mountain on a multyday tour around kebnekaise in Swedish Lapland
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