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Husky self drive during husky training week at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland

Husky training week


Stay at Laplandhusky's homestead and follow on a tree days training tour. 



16-21 September

23-28 September 

7-12 October

14-19 October

21-26 October 

28-2 October/November


12000 SEK per person.

Difficulty level



6 days

Group size

Private max 2 person

Husky training week
This is a tour what fit you who loves dogs and like to learn about dogsledding, and as well like to learn basics in outdoor life. 
You will learn the basics the first days to know enough to take active part of a 3 days training tour after the remote forest roads in the area around Laplandhusky’s homestead. 
When we travel quiet after the remote forest roads in the early morning will we have big chance to see wild animals. 
The dark evenings will we spend around the fireplace and hopeful with a dancing northern light above us on the sky. 

In the later part of October is normally the first snow coming, what make it soft and nice for the dog’s feet’s, so it is possible to travel longer. And directly after a thin layer of new snow is it easy to see the tracks from all the animals who lives around us.

Tips: To make a tour in the period when it is full moon is often magic and very beautiful.

For those who want to learn more and experience longer adventures, we can offer expeditions tours, both in the more sheltered but snowy forest landscape or in the more wind-exposed landscape in the Swedish mountains.
Facts and booking

Price per person: 

Adult 12000 SEK per person. 


Private guided tour:

2 person. 


  • Professional Guide 

  • Transfer to/from Luleå.

  • Safety-instructions for the tour and to drive your own husky team.

  • Individually dog team, 5-6 dogs.

  • If needed: warm jacket and trousers, winter boots, wool socks, hat, mittens.  

  • We will provide you with sleeping bag and the special outdoor equipment needed for the tour.  

  • All meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 6. 

  • Accommodation from day 1 to day 6.

Not included: 

  • Personal travel insurance. 

  • Alcoholic beverages. 


  • 3 night in a basic cabin. Bunk beds. Electricity but no running water. Dry toilet. 

  • 2 nights in tent/Tipi. 

Meals and drinks: 

  • All meals included from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 6. Typical Swedish food. 


  • Swedish 

  • English 

Clothing recommendations: 

This is a time on the year when it can be big different in the temperature. It can still be warm as a summer day in the middle of the day, but early mornings and night time is it common dropping down to minus degrees. Under layer of wool is recommended. Water proof shoes and a Water resistant top layer, like a “goretex” jacket and trousers is recommended. Of cause even a warm hat and gloves. 

Physically level: 

The physically level on this tour is medium. But depend of cause on the weather. The weather can be all from warm as a summer day to a few minus degrees and rain or snow. On the tour in wet weather will we use a tent with a wood heated stove to dry our clothes. Toilet on the tour will be in the nature. And in cloudy weather will it get really dark at night time. It is not any set up camping place on the tour, and we will bring all the things with us for the tour. We are all helping to set up the camp in the evening and take care of the dogs.
It is not needed to have any earlier dog “sledding” experience. But you need to love for dogs and to like to work together with them.


Person under 14 years old are not allowed to drive there own Team. 


This activity include transfer both way, from the airport/train station in Luleå or Boden. 

What you should bring: 

Check the "packlist" link to se what you need to bring with you on the tour.  



It's easiest to book online, but it's also work good to use our booking form. To reach me on the phone can be difficult, as I'm often out in areas where there is poor phone coverage.


Tour plan

Day 1:

The guide meet you on the airport in Luleå or on the train station in Boden. Drive to Laplandhusky’s homestead in Krokfors. Information and safety instructions for your stay with us. Dinner in the big tipi at home. Laplandhusky’s homestead is away from all city light. So in clear weather this time at the year is it good chance to see northern light and a sky full of stars. The closest city light is in Harads 25 kilometre away.

Day 2:
Feeding dogs in the kennel. Eating breakfast in the tipi. Instructions how to work with the dogs, drive the cart, routines when we stop and do a break, harnessing team and do a training run. Lunch at home in the tipi. In the afternoon another training run. Prepare and pack for the longer tour. Feeding dogs and do the daily kennel work. Dinner in the tipi.

Day 3:
Feeding the dogs in the kennel. Eating breakfast in the tipi. Prepare the last and start out on our tour. If it is warmer weather will we take a longer stop in the middle of the day. This time is used for fishing, showing you tracks from animals, show and learning you the basic skills like how to orient with help from the nature, how to handle axe and knife on a correct and safe way, how to start a fire easy, and to get out the most from the fire. After the break in the middle of the day will we continue little more with the dogs before we stop and build the camp for the night. Feed and take care of the dogs before we eat dinner and relax around the fire place. In the late autumn are we often having the best northern light, so hopefully will we have a great show above us.

Day 4:
After a good night sleep in the tipi are we starting the day to give the dogs breakfast before it is our turn to eat. We put down our camp and packing everything before the dogs get hoked up in the team and we leave our old campsite behind us. This day are continuing very similar as the last day. But today are you more used to drive the husky team and start to have some contact to some of the dogs. You start to know how they are reacting and behaving in the different situations. We are traveling after small forest roads, in an area where it is moose, lynx, brown bear, and reindeers and a lot of different kind of birds. Moose and reindeer will it be good chance for us to see, but the brown bear and lynx will we probably only see tracks from. Both brown bear and lynx are very shy and are often walking away and hiding when someone is getting closer to them. It is good chance for us to se tracks from the brown bear on our tour.

Day 5:
After another night in the tipi are we continue our tour. We will stop for the lunch and return to our homestead in the afternoon. Back home are we tacking care of the dogs before we enjoy the relaxed evening with a sauna and a dinner in the big tipi at home.

Day 6:
After the dogs and our breakfast will we drive you to the airport/train station. Depend on what time your flight/train are going can it be time for a small excursion in the nearby area. 


Husky self drive during husky training week at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Tent at Laplandhusky's homestead in Swedish Lapland
Kim take water for the sleddogs during a husky self drive cart tour at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Alaskan huskies Dante and Dixie during a self drive husky self drive cart tour at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Tent during husky training week at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland.
Northen light at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Foot print of brown bear during husky training week at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
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