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Self drive sleddog safari at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland

Self drive husky tour 5-hour

"Friends rookie musher tour"

Share a sled with a friend, included lighter lunch






Difficulty level



5 hour tour

Dog sledding 22 km

Group size


Bigger groups on request

Self drive husky tour 5-hours
Experience the feeling of sliding in a snowy, untouched and quiet winter landscape with a friend. You share a sled, one driving and one sitting. Your team with alaskan huskies will follow the experienced guide`s team.

We stop halfway for a rest and prepare lunch over an open fire. Here are good opportunities to take photos and cuddle with the dogs.

For those who want to learn more and experience longer adventures, we can offer expeditions tours, both in the more sheltered but snowy forest landscape or in the more wind-exposed landscape in the Swedish mountains.
Facts and booking

Price per person: 

4950 SEK 


  • Professional Guide 

  • Safety-instructions to drive your own team.

  • Dog team 5-8 dogs

  • Warm suit 

  • Winter boots 

  • Wool socks 

  • Hat 

  • Mittens 

  • Lighter lunch 


  • Swedish 

  • English 

Meals and drinks: 

  • Salmon or reindeer meat and vegetables cooked on open fire. Hot blueberry drink and cinnamon bun. 

Clothing recommendations: 

The arctic climate can be very cold. You need to be well prepared to stay warm and have a good experience during the activity.

We recommend that you wear warm under layers of wool and down. Use warm wool socks on your feet and of course use warm hat and mittens. The out layer of clothing will you get from us. 

Before we start the tour will we make sure that you are well dressed. If you miss any clothes so it is usually possible to borrow here. 


Due to safety reasons the lowest age for participants are 7 years. Person under 14 years old are not allowed to drive the sled. 


All tours start from our homestead in Krokfors. Please arrive 10 minutes before the tour starts. If it looks empty when you arrive, just take it easy and I will arrive soon. The reason is that I have picked up guests from a nearby hotel and we will probably arrive home in a few minuts.

Transfer to Laplandhusky: 

We can help you with transportation to get here. 

Follow the transfer link for prices and options.



It's easiest to book online, but it's also work good to use our booking form. To reach me on the phone can be difficult, as I'm often out in areas where there is poor phone coverage.

Tour plan
Get dressed: 
At laplandhusky you get the equipment and winter clothes you need for the tour. 
The guide will inform you about the huskies and go throw the safety instruction for the tour. The guide will even give you instructions how to drive the sled and handle the team. 
Prepare the dog team: 
The guide prepare the dogs in the team. 
Start out on the trail: 
We start out on the sleddog tour. 
Short break: 
We stop on the prepared place after the trail and make a fire and cook some easier food. 
The tour continues: 
We continue our tour on the trail back to the homestead. 
After work: 
We thank the dogs for the tour and take care of them so they can rest well and recover. 
Get undressed: 
Get undressed and make sure you have all your things with you. 
Self drive husky tour at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Self drive husky tour at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Winter landscape at laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Moose in winter lanscape at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
Self drive sleddog safari at Laplandhusky in Swedish Lapland
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