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Husky mountain expedition tour

8+2 days

A full day mini expedition were you drive your own husky team.

Included outdoor lunch.


17-26 April 


34200 SEK per person

Difficulty level

Medium to hard


10 days (9 overnight) 

8 days on tour

Group size

Private max 2 person


Husky mountain expedition tour
Join us on a mini expedition and get the real feeling then you are driving your own sled and team of huskie`s throw the winter landscape.
We stop halfway for a rest and prepare lunch over an open fire. 
When our tour continue after the break will the daylight slowly disappear and in clear weather will we experience wonderful colours in the sky before the darkness take over completely and we put on the headlamp.
To drive a team of sleddogs in the darkness is a special feeling. The sky is full of stars, but the only you can see clearly is what is in the light from your headlamp. Your place in the world getting smaller and cover only the trail ahead and your husky team which become more and more like your lifeline to get back to the comforts of civilization.

For those who want to learn more and experience longer adventures, we can offer expeditions tours, both in the more sheltered but snowy forest landscape or in the more wind-exposed landscape in the Swedish mountains.
Facts and booking

Price per person: 

Adult 34200 SEK per person. 


Private guided tour:

2 person. 


  • Professional Guide 

  • Transfer to/from start point of the tour, and Kiruna Airport/train station.

  • Safety-instructions for the tour and to drive your own sled.

  • Individually dog team, 5-6 dogs.

  • Warm jacket and trousers, winter boots, wool socks, hat, mittens.  

  • We will provide you with sleeping bag and the special outdoor equipment needed for the tour.  

  • All meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 10. 

  • All overnight stays from day 1 to day 10.

Not included: 

  • Personal travel insurance. 

  • Alcoholic beverages. 


  • First and last night in cabin or dubble room, either on the start point, or in Kiruna. Depend on availability and the time for your flight/train. During the sleddog tour, 7 nights mixt in tent and mountain cabins. In the mountain cabins will we sleep in bunk beds, mixt room, women's and gentlemen's together. The mountain cabins are heated with wood or gas and have dry toilet. No electricity or running water. 


Meals and drinks: 

  • All meals included from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 8. Typical Swedish food. 


  • Swedish 

  • English 

Clothing recommendations: 

The arctic climate can be very cold. You need to be well prepared to stay warm and have a good experience during the activity.

We recommend that you wear warm under layers of wool and down. Use warm wool socks on your feet and of course use warm hat and mittens. The out layer of clothing will you get from us. 

Before we start the tour will we make sure that you are well dressed.  

Physically level: 

The physically level on the tour depend very much on the weather and snow condition. The tour is going in the Swedish mountain area were it can be parts with long uphill with soft snow up the knee, where we need to help the dogs by running and pushing the sled as mush we can. But in the next valley can it be extremely little with snow, with only glare ice what make it hard to control and steer the sled. 

Remember as well, what the time on the sled is just a part of all the activity. It is as well work around the cabins with firewood and getting water, feeding and take care of the dogs. With sleddogs is it possible to travel longer when if you are skiing. But it is mush more work before and after the driving time.

Remember as well, you will be out in the cold climate many hours each day, which as well requires more energi.  


Person under 14 years old are not allowed to drive there own sled. 


Day 1 and 8 is arrival and departure day. We will meet you at the airport/train station day 1 in Kiruna. Day 8 will we drop you at the airport/train station in time for your departure. 

What you should bring: 

Check the "packlist" link to se what you need to bring with you on the tour.  



It's easiest to book online, but it's also work good to use our booking form. To reach me on the phone can be difficult, as I'm often out in areas where there is poor phone coverage.

Tour plan
Get dressed: 
At laplandhusky you get the equipment and winter clothes you need for the tour. 
The guide will inform you about the huskies and go throw the safety instruction for the tour. The guide will even give you instructions how to drive the sled and handle the team. 
Prepare the dog team: 
The guide prepare the dogs in the team. 
Start out on the trail: 
We start out on the sleddog tour. 
Lunch break: 
We stop, giving the dogs snacks, and prepare a fire after the trail and start to cock our lunch. 
The tour continues: 
We continue our tour on the trail back to the homestead. 
After work: 
We thanks the dog for the tour and take care of them so they can rest well and recover. 
Get undressed: 
Get undressed and make sure you have all your things with you. 
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